Niall Acott is interviewed for The Voice by Synthax

Rob Masters@SynthaxRobAug 5

Nice interview with @unclenige explaining how RME is used on The Voice here —> …

Niall continued “We use Logic on the Mac which works well, actually that (Logic) and Nuendo Live are fantastic. In fact, Nuendo Live created 194 channels and dropped into record seamlessly, I didn’t complain once.”

“Then from the card (RME HDSPe MADI FX) we have a MADI output which is feeding the MADI inputs on the Orion interface, and there are 40 outputs, 24 analogue and 16 ADAT, feeding the Yamaha DM1000. We mix the show live from those 40 channels with a few effects and it is uploaded and sent directly to mastering. So, it’s essentially an old fashioned stereo live mix.”

Niall commented “It’s such a compact set up now. If I was to look at the next best way of doing it, it would be a lot bulkier and considerably more expensive.”

for the full article click on the link above..

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